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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Ford and her staff provided excellent patient care during my dental implant procedure. This was my first experience with implants and throughout the entire process I felt that Dr. Ford was doing everything within her power to help me achieve a successful outcome. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ford and her wonderful staff to my family and friends.

-Paul Lester

I am an elderly man in his late 80s. On my first visit with Dr. Ford I knew that I had a found a winner. Her first approach to my problem was highly professional, direct and cooperative in discussing probable causes with me and what other specialists I should see to determine if there were other contributive causes for my problem. Dr. Ford and her assistant then at a later date extracted the wayward tooth and installed an implant in June. All of these operations were conducted with admirable skills, concern for the patient, speed, and almost no pain or side effects. You can not got a better periodontal analysis, extraction and implant than this lady and her assistants can give.


-Joseph W. McRae

Dr. Ford and her team are wonderful! I was experiencing premature gum recession even though I had always taken good care of my teeth. After consulting with Dr. Ford, she explained that she could do a virtually pain free technique for resolving this problem called the “pinhole” procedure. I had multiple areas of my top teeth that needed work and she was able to work on them all at the same time with hardly any discomfort! The results were amazing. I did not have this work done because I was concerned about how my teeth “looked” but to prevent tooth loss, which I know is not good for overall long-term health. If you need work like this done, you MUST go with this procedure. Dr. Ford knows what she’s doing!


-Joy Yarborough

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